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What’s the control cable?

Cable control is a kind cable, which is widely used in the petrochemical, pulp, paper, sawmill and other process industries. In general, the flexible control cable is for controlling electrical equipment and instrument meters, monitoring and controlling return circuit. It design for wet and dry locations, and it is resistant to mechanical damage and corrosive corrosive. Meanwhile, we often use it in the raceways, direct burial and control applications. There are some hot-sales for you: 2 core control cable, 3 core shielded cable, 4 core control cable5 core screened cable6 core shielded cable 7 core cable8 core shielded cable, 10 core shielded cable, 12 core control cable19 core cable and 30 core cable. Huadong Cable Group is one of professional power control cable manufacturers in China. If you want to get the cables control, you can send the email or quote to us.

Muilti-Core 0.6/1kv Control Cable

As a professional control cable manufacturer, we can provide you 1-48 core control cable. You can send us your requirement.

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30 Core 0.6/1kv Control Cable(CVV, CVV-S, CVV-SWA)  Learn More

What’s the structure of electrical control cable?

The types of power control cable are so many, so the structure is not the stable. There are armoured cable control and unarmored cable, overall screened and individually screened cable control. Now I will introduce you the basic structure of industrial control cables.

electrical control cable structure

It’s basic structure is conductor, insulation, shield, inner cover, armour and sheath. The conductor material is usually cooper or tinned copper. Insulation material is PVC, PE and XLPE. There is one thing you should pay attention to. The highest pvc temperature is 70℃, PE is 75℃, and XLPE is 90℃. So when you use the cables control, you should focus on this. Whatever you use any insulation, you should pay more attention to these conditions. So when you buy control control, you should choose the suitable cable according to your demand. Or you can choose from the supply of electrical control cable suppliers. If you contact us now, from Huadong, you can get not only a suitable and high-quality power control cable, but also a discount price .

Then the shield material has copper wire braid, Al-foil individual and overall screen. As we all know, the flexible control cable size is diversify. From the power and control cable specification, we can know there are different data,so in case of the application of cables control, we use these different shield materials. The inner cover material is extruded PVC.

flexible control cable structure


The sheath material had PVE, ZR-PVC, PE, LSZH. According the application, you can choose armoured electrical control cable or unarmored. Now I tell the significance of armored. There are mainly two meanings. The first is the armor can increase the compressive strength. We may use it underground, indoor or other place. They will get extrusion. Then it may get damages, so it can also protects the cable.

armored power control cable

The second meaning is termite prevention. As we all know, termite is is a very big trouble for industrial control cables. People consider many ways to solve. For example, painting the medicine on it. The termite will get away. But as we all know, with time goes by, the small will dissipate. Then the termite will damage the cable control again. When we use the armor, the termite can’t bite the armor. So it is a effective way to termite prevention. So when you buy it, you should pay attention the flex control cable size and your demand. As one of professional flexible control cable manufacturers, Huadong can provide you the detailed flex control cable specification to you, you can refer to it and get your wanted. So do not hesitate, send the message now, we will reply as soon as possible.

Where can you get the high-quality power control cable with low price?

If you search the power and control cable catalogue, you will know it has many standard and size. It is multicore conductor. You can choose single core, two core, four core and so on. Different types of control cables has different price. So before you buy the cables control, you should know what you want, because it can help you get the reasonable cable price. Of course, you can contact us to get the copper control cable price.

Great control cable manufacturers and suppliers

As a buyer, you may have some cognition about the flexible control cable price list. Huadong Cable Group is one of the experienced electrical control cable manufacturers from China. We export it to many countries, such as North America, South America, Oceania, Asia, Africa, Middle East and so on. So we have know well about requirement and can provide you a good service. For example, we ever export to the Philippines. So we also know the copper control cable Philippines. We are not only has the quality advantage, but also price advantage. If you want to get the control cable Philippines, Huadong is also a good choice.

industrial control cables producing

As copper control cable suppliers, Huadong pay attention to both price and quality. This year, we finish our Phase 1 Project of new factory construction. Now we can starting producing. Then we will start other projects. We have our factory and our producing line. We also welcome you to visit our factory. It is better to see once than hear a hundred times. When you see our factory, I think you will believe we can have a good cooperation. If you want to get the address, you can send us the email:

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