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low price flexible cy pvc cable for sale
low price flexible cy pvc cable for sale

CY cable is one king of control cable. You can also call it screened flexible cables, and YSLYCY (PVC sheathed) and HSLHCH(LSZH sheathed) in Europe. Cable cy is applied to someplace, where requirements non interference transmission. CY control cable can protects the degrade accurate signal transmission. If you need low price cy flex cable, click here and you can get the professional cy lszh screened flexible control cable quotation. We can also provide you sy cable and yy

4 core cy pvc control cable type and price

The basic structure of cy cables is copper conductor, insulation, binding tape, screened and sheath. There may have some differences about the material between CY LSZH and CY PVC. When you want to buy cy screened cable, you can choose according your using. Expect the structure, you can also choose the size. The cy cable specification is diversity, and you should know your wanted cy cable specification. Different size has different number of cores. You can choose 2 core cy cable, 3 core cable cy, 4 core cy control cable, 5 core cy flex cable, 7 core cy cables and so on. These are a part of cy screened cable. If you have other demand, we can customized for you. Just click here to get customized cy lszh screened flexible control cable.

What’s about cy cable price of Huadong Cable Group?

As we all know, the cy control cable price is decided by the producing cost, the transporting fees and other fees. The cy control cable producing cost is the main component. Now, there are many trade company. As a trade company, they don’t have the producing cost. Their main cost is the cy flex cable price, the factory profit and their own profit. So you will know, you should choose the manufacturer. Huadong Cable Group is one of cy lszh screened flexible control cable suppliers from China. We have over 30 years of production experience. We have got the certification of SGS, CE, BV and ISO. If you want to get the other certification, we can do for you.

flexible cable cy manufacturer - huadong
flexible cable cy manufacturer – huadong

We can also accept the inspection of the third party. If you want to be more patience, and we can satisfy you. You can also visit our factory. Click here to contact us with cy lszh screened flexible control cable manufacturers. With the support the big factory, we can get a very low factory price of cy screened cable. So our quote will have the definitely advantage. What’s more, Huadong Cable Group owns 15 years of export experience. The export countries contain European, South America, North America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Oceania and so on. Above all, if you want to buy cable cy from us, we can choose the best transport way for you. The only thing you need do is to tell us your wanted cy cable specification. Email:

The most benefit of cy control cable

low price cy flex cy screened cable producing
low price cy flex cy screened cable producing

Are you worrying the quality of cy flex cable. You can come and visit our factory, and we have low price cy control cable for sale here. Are you worry about the high price of cy screened flexible control cable lszh? The best factory price is here. So don’t hesitate, Missing Huadong, you will miss the high-quality cy screened cable with low price. We are waiting for you.  Email:

Customer cases

customer cases of cable cy 0.75 mm
customer cases of cable cy 0.75 mm

We adhere to get a win-win cooperation, so we can cooperate with many company and individual person. We promise we will try our best to service you. So let us know your requirement now.

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