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In general, low price multicore control cable means control cable, because control cable has many core, such as 2 core control cable, 3 core shielded cable, 4 core control cable5 core screened cable6 core shielded cable 7 core cable8 core shielded cable, 10 core shielded cable, 12 core control cable19 core cable and 30 core cable. So we can call them as multi conductor control cable. In the structure, there are armoured multicore cable and unarmored multicore control cable, and you can choose according your using condition. There is another choice of low price multicore screened cable: overall multicore screened cable and individual shielded multicore cable.

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What’s more, we also produce low price multicore cable with many standards, such as BS 7917, IEC 60331-31 Fire Resistant, IEC 60754-2 Corrosivity and so on. If you want to know other multicore cable sizes, you can contact us. We can customized for you with best multicore cable price. The benefit is here.

What should we pay attention when we buy low price shielded multicore cable?

In the aspect of multi conductor control cable quality, there is one aspect you should pay attention. That is the insulation. The main point is the insulation thickness. Unqualified insulation will influence the service life of low price multicore screened cable and the installation. As professional multicore cable factory, I will simple introduce for you. If the thickness insulation of shielded multicore cable is lower than the required, it will reduce the service life of multicore cable. As we all know, there are some regulations in the low price shielded multicore cable size.

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In operation, if we expose the multi core control cable in the open and easily corroded environment, or in the water and underground. Because the long-term corrosion, the insulation of multi conductor control cable will get reduce. The insulation level and mechanical level will decline, which is at the thinnest point. If there are some other accidents happened, the insulation will lose the protection effect.  If you want to buy discount multicore cable, you can contact us.

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In addition, the long-term operation will cause a lot of heat quantity. You should know the conductor temperature should be lower than 70℃, and the insulation also has the maximum temperature. The PVC is70℃, the PE is 75℃, and the XLPE is 90℃. So if the insulation thickness is lower than requirement, it will decline the service life of multicore screened cable. So when you buy the shielded multicore cable, you must be careful about the insulation. Huadong insist on the multicore cable specification in the producing, you can come and visit our producing process, or we can send you the video.

Where can you find the professional muticore cable supplier?

If you want to know the multi core cable price, finding a big factory is very important. Because the fierce competition contribute to some problems. Some multicore cable manufacturers pursuit the profit and may use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods. So if you are fare of buying low-quality and low price multicore control cables, find a reliable partner is very important.

low price multicore cable manufacturers in China - huadong
low price multicore cable manufacturers in China – huadong

Huadong Cable Group is a very professional multicore cable factory in China. We have exported low price multicore screened cable over 15 years. We are look forward to our cooperation.

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The big factory and the strict producing process is our support. So, we can promise you the high-quality and low price multicore cable with low price, and we have this ability to provide you about this. Professional service is waiting for you. We adhere to get a win-win cooperation, so we can cooperate with many company and individual person. We promise we will try our best to service you. So let us know your requirement now.

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