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What’s multipair cable?

Multi pair instrument cable is one types of instrument cable. As we all know, instrument cable is pair or triad or quad. Multi pair shielded cable can be 1 pair, 2 pair, 3 pair and so on. So multi core instrument cable is a whole name. So if you want to buy multicore instrument cable, you can have a lot of option. Of course, you can also choose overall multi pair shielded cable or unshielded, the armored multipair cable or unarmored multi pair instrument cable. Know your demand and choose the right. You can also send us the demand, and we will quote for you.

How to use multipair cable safety?

Using safety is an important thing for you. You should know what kind of troubles will happen, then you can adopt the measures to prevent. Or you can know how to deal with it, when it happens. The main problems in multi core instrument cable are overload current and fire. Now I will tell you how to prevent these situations.

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In line process of line design, the designer should consider the current and the maximum current and choose the right voltage multicore instrument cable. In large capacity, you should choose thick jacket. The right line design is the key to prevent the overload current. If it is not property, we can’t change it in the future, and it may exist some hidden danger. You must remember don’t choose multipair cable according your wants or experience, it need professional person. If the design is not property, you can change before installation. What we can do is to design your wanted multi pair instrument cable, so you can send us your requirement freely.

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When you are sure the line is suitable for standard, you can arrange worker to install. There are somethings you need know in installing multi pair shielded cable. The environment should be neat and without flammable staffs around. Because these things will make the heat can’t dissipate well. Too many flammable staffs and high temperature will cause fire. Of course, high-quality multi core instrument cable is also important, you can contact us to get free sample.

How do you prevent the unsafety factors?

Increasing the arrangement of the power source is an important way. You should use the professional socket and avoid use the phone socket. Chaotic lines and power source may increase the current, and cause overload current. For some high-power equipment, you should install a single line. There is an important thing you must remember, mobile power socket should not be used as connection of multicore instrument cable. So find a reliable multipair cable is a best way. I can give you introduction about our company.

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There is another thing you should pay attention. If you install the multipair cable in the old power line, you should be careful. It may have hidden fire hazard. In view of log-term using, many of power lines is aging and exceed the service life. Even though it can burden now, it mayn’t burden after installing multi pair instrument cable. So you should reconstruction the power line and eliminate the hidden fire hazards. As a professional multi pair shielded cable, we can give you more suggestion, you can contact us now.

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