3 Core Shielded Cable

3 core shielded cable samples

What’s 3 core shielded cable?

3 core screened cable is one size of control cable, and there are three conductors in it. As for 3 shielded core cable, you have a lot of choices, such as 3 core shielded cable and unshielded. You can also choose armored 3 core screened cable and unarmored. There are also some insulation materials and jacket insulation, such as PVC or PVC of flame refractory or Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LZSH). 3 core shielded cable with LZSH material is very environment protection, and can reduce the damages when get fired. If you want to use 3 core screened cable in some place where is densely populated or other situations, you can consider this kind of 3 core shielded cable. You can contact us right now, we will provide all 3 core screened cable to let you choose. Email:sales@hdccontrolcable.com.

3 core shielded cable details:

3 core shielded cable structure
Conductor:Copper/Tinned copper
Shield: Copper Wire Braid, Al-foil Individual and Overall Screen/ unshielded
Armour: Steel Wire Armored/galvanized steel wire armoured/ unarmoured
Sheath: PVC / ZR-PVC / PE / LSZH
Standard:IEC,ASTM,BS etc.Voltage:low
Packaging:Iron or Wooden Drum.

3 Core CVV 0.6/1kv Control Cable
3 Core CVV-S 0.6/1kv Control Cable
3 Core CVV-SWA 0.6/1kv Control Cable

How to get high-quality 3 core shielded cable?

In producing 3 core screened cable, every step is very important. Any of them is wrong, it will influence its quality. Now, I want to talk about the producing process. When you know something about producing, I believe you will make a better choice. Email:sales@hdccontrolcable.com.

3 core screened cable materials

The first is the requirement of twisted conductors. Twisted conductors of 3 core screened cable should be tight and round, flat, no serious bending, no scratches. If the conductors aren’t like these situations, it may influence the outlook of 3 core shielded cable. Then the surface of copper wire is not oxidation and blackening. The tin layer is not shedding. Meanwhile, They can reduce the transportation performance of 3 core screened. The joints of copper wire should be smooth and firm and the line is neat. Line diameter and length are in accordance with the regulation. These also can influence the outlook and performance of 3 core shielded cable. Email:sales@hdccontrolcable.com.

3 core armoured cable colour code producing process

As a professional 3 core shielded cable manufacturers, we want you to know if there are something wrong in outlook, it may have some problems in these aspects. You must be careful in these aspects. All hot-sale products are here: 2 core control cable4 core control cable5 core screened cable6 core shielded cable 7 core cable8 core shielded cable, 10 core shielded cable19 core cable and 30 core cable. You can contact us to get the free sample.

3 core shielded cable customer cases

We have exported 10 core shielded cable to many countries, so have have the rich experience and can solve your problems better. You can send us the inquiry free.  Email:sales@hdccontrolcable.com.

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